Good-bye Endeavour!

ISS and Endeavour 21/05/2011

The space shuttle Endeavour is on its last flight and
currently docked with the ISS. Due to the cloud arriving early Sunday morning
this is most likely the last time we will see this shuttle. This is also the
second last flight of any shuttle. Sad to see them go.

Morning planet show 08/05/2011

Planet lineup 8/05/2010

The planets of Venus, Mercury, Jupiter and Mars as seen in the eastern sky this morning. As long as the skies are clear and you wish to put up with the cold, this should be visible for a few more days.

Damage to the bridge

The damage to the bridge is now totally visable with the water down. Hopefully the bailey bridge replacement will not take to long.

Damage to the Smiths Road bridge over the Gudgenby River 5/1/2011